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[About Me]

So you're curious about who I am, and you should be. I wouldn't want someone working for me without knowing a little about them first.
My name is Kory Urban. I was born and live in Akron, Ohio. I've been on and around computers and electronics my entire life. For at least the last 10 years I've been working on computers and dabbling in many related subjects such as programming, robotics, graphic design, database management, networking, and web administration. This isn't my first go at running an online service either. Awhile back, I used to run a graphic request website called "BaDong's Graphic Creation." There I made banners, buttons, and other small graphics for people to their specifications. In 2010 I started offering my services professionally and by coming to this website you can see the results of that.
I may not have as many official certifications that others may have but I certainly have the experience and skills. If everything you see here doesn't convince you I'm good enough to work for you then ask to see some of my work.

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Official Certifications

Related Experience

  • I've gone to Miller South for Visual Arts and had training in the Arts by several professionals.
  • I've taken several technical and electrical training courses. I was a certified Student Electronic Technician. It only expired because I didn't continue retaking the test every year.
  • I've participated and placed in several state level Robotics competitions, usually as Team Captain. I also trained other teams and helped use Robotics as a teaching aid at the Middle School and High School level.
  • I've worked in serval places as tech support and System Administrator. I currently am the System Administrator of a Marketing Agency.
  • I've built, customized, and repaired computers for myself and others.
  • I'm working on going to Georgia Tech for a Masters in Computer Science.

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